Book of the Amber Dragon

Square in Square blocks

Project: Hand-pieced Christmas Quilt

I have been bitten by the quilting bug, and in my usual fashion, have dived in headlong. While three (!) quilts I have planned are going to be machine-pieced, I decided that I also wanted to try hand-piecing. I had some random Christmassy fabric in my stash from my mum, I picked up a couple…

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Happy Hallowe'en from Kylo Ren, Rey, and Captain Phasma!

Rey from The Force Awakens: Final Hallowe’en Costume

(I was trying to have this done earlier, but maybe it will inspire people for the premiere, or next Hallowe’en!) Now that the goggles and head scarf were done, I turned to the rest of the costume. If we break it down, there is a short-sleeved knit undershirt, blousy trousers with long ties at the…

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Goggles and wrap

Rey from The Force Awakens Hallowe’en Costume: The Goggles/Head wrap

I was armed with masses of inspiration from the reference photographs, but had constraints of time and climate to deal with. So, I abandoned perfectionism and embraced the challenge to create a costume that evoked Rey but could be worn by a kid in cold weather, and would stand up to tromping through the neighbourhood….

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Rey from The Force Awakens Hallowe’en Costume: Inspiration Notes

I am so excited for the new Star Wars movie! I love the new look for the First Order stormtroopers, and Captain Phasma is stunning. My kids have just gotten into Star Wars and have seen the original trilogy many many times (I don’t know if I can ever bear to show them the prequels!)….

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Project: Elizabeth Quilt

It’s…been a while! So I have, as usual, dived headlong into a million projects after being dormant for far too long. I welcome this creativity though, after what seems like a few years of doldrums. I was even inspired to resurrect this journal after a threeish year hiatus! I don’t know if this means I…

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