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Rey from The Force Awakens Hallowe’en Costume: Inspiration Notes

I am so excited for the new Star Wars movie! I love the new look for the First Order stormtroopers, and Captain Phasma is stunning. My kids have just gotten into Star Wars and have seen the original trilogy many many times (I don’t know if I can ever bear to show them the prequels!).

Of course, we showed them the trailers for The Force Awakens as they came out. My son was immediately taken with Captain Phasma, and decided that is who he wanted to be for Hallowe’en. My daughter originally decided on being a vampire, but when she found out that our friends’ son was going as Kylo Ren, she asked if I could make her a Rey costume.

While I wish I could have had more time to work on it, I am super happy with how it turned out. I first found great reference images uploaded by fans on the RPF, in particular this thread:

IMG_1004Rey - Right sideRey - backpack  Rey - rear viewae05bd244d053b6b080c114c75a58656

Because this was a costume for my daughter, I wasn’t too worried about exact accuracy, but more going for the look of the character. I decided that the goggles were going to be my main focus, and also a pouch and pack. I decided to use as many items as I could from my stash at home, and try not to buy too much in making the costume (as an aside, I had so much fun doing this costume, I am going to make a version for myself, and try and get it as accurate as possible to the movie costume).

My initial plans:

  • using an old pair of swim goggles for the lenses/goggles frame
  • using some old curtains for the wrap dress and scarf, making a loose pair of trousers from an old sheet, and figuring out a long-sleeved undershirt that would still look similar but be warmer than the original costume
  • buying a pair of Ugg-type boots, as my daughter could wear them after Hallowe’en
  • Using some old belts, a thrifted purse, and an old satchel to construct the pack, belts and pouch
  • Making a staff using a dowel and components from the hardware store

Armed with that plan, I moved on to the first part of my plan, the goggles.

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Kate • November 1, 2015

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